The Essential Flow Toolkit for Salesforce

Build Salesforce Flows that solve the complex requirements of your business with a collection of high-quality Flow Components and Actions.

Flow Pack Pro is an official Salesforce Partner
This means our application is fully supported and has passed the stringent Salesforce Security Review which ensures your data is safe and all security controls are respected within your Salesforce deployment.

High-Quality UI Components...

  • Match the Salesforce Lightning Design System
  • Focus on excellent user experience
  • Use reasonable defaults for easy configuration
  • Map, Get User Location, Toast alerts, Bar Code Scanner, Custom Navigation, Visual Select, and more!

Advanced back-end Actions...

  • For use in record, scheduled, and autolaunched Flows
  • Bulk safe and optimized to respect system limits
  • Build Flows with advanced trigger-like functionality
  • Date and time actions, hierarchy traversal, database searches, lead conversion, and more!

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Flow Pack Pro has a 14-day free trial in production Salesforce orgs, and it is entirely free to use in sandbox and developer orgs.
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