Simple, transparent pricing

No licenses to managed, name your own price, and only pay for people that use the app.



18+ Flow Screen Components
"powered by" logo displayed on Screen Components
Standard Email Support
Automatic Upgrades


$150 Base/Month
+ Name Your User Price

18+ Flow Screen Components
Remove "powered by" logo on Screen Components
Business Hours Actions
Record Collection Action
Date Actions
Date Time Actions
Text Actions
Priority Email Support
Automatic Upgrades
1% Donated to Stripe Climate


$300 Base/Month
+ Name Your User Price

All Basic Plan features plus...
Email to Flow
5000 Language Detections per month
Create Records Action with DML Options
Update Records Action with DML Options
Upsert Records Action
Convert Lead Action
Create File Action
Merge Records Action
Search (SOSL) Action
Record Hierarchy Traversal Actions
Map Collection Actions
Priority Email Support
Automatic Upgrades
1% Donated to Stripe Climate


Contact us to discuss a custom pricing plan.

Non-profit pricing
High-Volume Users
Fixed Annual Pricing
Multiple Orgs
Professional Services
Additional Payment Methods

Name Your Own User License Price

...yes, actually. Everyone will find different value in a service or application, and this can vary based on the use case, how many users you have, alternative solutions, and more. We want you to feel like you are receiving great value from the Flow Pack Pro application, and the best way to accomplish this is to let you name your User License Price.

Our plans have a base monthly fee plus a User License Price. When selecting a paid plan, we let you enter your User License Price in the app. Enter a value that makes sense for your business, and then proceed with payment. That's it!

Usage Based Billing

Usage-based pricing is rare for AppExchange applications, but we think it is how software sales should work. Why overpay for licenses you never use? Flow Pack Pro has no licenses to pre-purchase upfront and no licenses to assign to users (admins love not having to do this). All you have to do is build awesome Flows, we track the number of users that used the app, and we bill based only on the number of users that used the app.

All this usage "tracking" happens 100% natively in your Salesforce org on Custom Objects you can view and report on. The only data that leaves your Salesforce org is a single number value indicating the number of users that used the app in a given billing period.

How can I justify the cost to management, help!

There are typically two ways to justify the cost of a product, cost savings, and impact on increasing revenues. Let's start with potential cost savings:

You build a Flow with Flow Pack Pro, and it saves a user ten minutes per day.

Let's assume every employee makes an average salary of $90K/year, which converts to approximately $0.72 a minute.

There are about 22 working days per month. So if a users saves 10 minutes per day, that is $158 of savings per employee per month.

If you have 50 employees, that is a $7,920/month in time saved. The cost of Flow Pack Pro Advanced per month is $300. If you choose a license price of $5, the total cost is $550/month, which results in nearly a 15x ROI on time savings alone.

When you factor in this time saved can now be used on more revenue-generating activities, the ROI of Flow Pack Pro increases even more. And we haven't even talked about the Salesforce Developer costs that would be required if you chose to build custom solutions instead of using the pre-built components in Flow Pack Pro.

There are free and open-source solutions, why not use those?

We love open-source, and our team has contributed to many projects, but using and paying for Flow Pack Pro comes with many advantages.

We have a dedicated page to answer this question and you can check it out here.

Can I monitor usage in the current billing period?

Yes! There are two custom objects used to track usage and standard Salesforce reports can be used with these objects.

Billing Period - Includes the start and end date for a billing period and the total number of users that have used the app in that period.

Billing Period User - This is a related detail object that hangs off of the Billing Period and tracks the exact users that have used the app.

How can I predict costs with usage-based pricing?

Admittedly, this is one of the most challenging parts of usage-based pricing. On the high side, every user in your organization has the potential to interact with a Flow and be a billed user. It is up to you to understand who uses Flows and what Flows will use components from the Flow Pack Pro package.

With that said...

We encourage taking a different perspective on this question. The costs may be less predictable with usage-based pricing, but you will never overpay. Predictable costs have a cost of their own, and that typically comes in the form of purchasing more user licenses than are necessary, which costs you more money in the long term.

What happens when my trial expires?

Flow Pack Pro comes with a free 14-day trial of the Advanced Plan and can be used without restriction during this time. When the 14-day trial expires, the app converts to the Free Plan.

A paid subscription can be started at any time by navigating to the Flow Pack Pro Setup tab and choosing a paid plan.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply uninstall the application from your Salesforce instance, and your subscription will be automatically canceled.

...but if there is anything we can do to help you find value in Flow Pack Pro please reach out, as we'd love to help.