Why should I use Flow Pack Pro for Salesforce?

It's a simple question, but it is also the most common question we receive. Here is our answer...

Always Improving

Flow Pack Pro is constantly improving, and we are continuously releasing new Salesforce Flow components, actions, features, and bug fixes to the application. With a paid solution like Flow Pack Pro, we are responsible for delivering the enhancements our customers ask and pay for.

Our goal is to be the only Flow solution you need for Salesforce. Check out our documentation site to see all of the Actions and Components included, https://docs.flowpackpro.com

Fully Supported

We are here to support you and this application. If there is a bug in the app (yes, we sometimes have bugs), we will work to resolve this as quickly as possible. If you need a new feature or functionality added to the application, we are here to support that too. These are significant factors to consider when building business-critical processes in Salesforce.

The alternative is often free Flow solutions. If you have an issue with these free solutions and need help, often the only thing you can do is submit a GitHub issue and hope for the best.

Safe and Secure

We are an official partner on the Salesforce AppExchange, and we have passed the Salesforce Security Review. This means Salesforce has confirmed we are following all security best practices regarding Salesforce permissions like record and field level access and broader web security threats like the OWASP Top Ten.

With other solutions, you will often be required to install a "base pack" that has passed the security review so it can be listed on the AppExchange. Once this core package is installed, you have to install other extension packages that have not passed the Salesforce Security review. This is a common practice to bypass the security review.

With Flow Pack Pro, there will only ever be one package to install. It will have everything you need and will have always passed the Salesforce Security review.

Usage Based Pricing

Most Salesforce applications require you to buy a large chunk of licenses up front and then assign these licenses to users. We don't think this is fair. Why should you guess how many licenses you will need and then over-purchase to ensure you have enough licenses. Our pricing is simple, a flat fee, and then we track usage for each person that uses the app in a given billing period and bill based on the actual number of people that used the app.

Another benefit to this approach that Salesforce administrators love is that they no longer have to manage and assign licenses to users, eliminating a low-value manual process.

Visit our pricing page to learn more.

The ROI Math

If you are going to pay for software, you will need to justify the cost. There are typically two ways to do this. One is to calculate cost savings, and the other is to calculate the impact on increasing revenues. We'll start with cost savings.

In this example, let's say you build a flow with Flow Pack Pro, saving a user 10 minutes daily. If an employee makes $90K per year, this is $0.72 per minute. 10 minutes per day, 22 working days in a month, and this is $158 saved in time per month.

If you have 50 employees, that is $7,900/month in time savings.
The cost of Flow Pack Pro: $295 + ($10 * 50 employees) = $795/month

With Flow Pack Pro, you spent $795 but saved $7,900 worth of time! This is a 10x ROI on time and cost savings alone! When you factor in this time saved can now be used on more revenue-generating activities, the ROI of Flow Pack Pro increases even more.

Automatic Updates

All software has bugs and security issues, and how quickly a company can patch and resolve these issues is essential. Flow Pack Pro is an official Salesforce Partner, so we have access to features the free applications do not, and one of these features is Push Upgrades. Suppose our application has a critical security issue or bug. In that case, we can automatically upgrade your Flow Pack Pro installation, ensuring the software you are running is continuously updated with the latest bug and security fixes.

When we release new features and enhancements, you automatically get these too!

Separate Limits

If you have been in the Salesforce ecosystem long enough, you have almost certainly seen the dreaded "Too many SOQL queries," "Too many DML statements," or other equivalent error messages, and it sends chills down your spine. But good news, since Flow Pack Pro is a certified manage package that has passed the Security Review, it comes with its own set of limits! This means queries and DML operations performed by our application do not count against your organizational limits!

15 Years of Experience

Jason Venable created Flow Pack Pro and has over 15 years of experience creating top-rated applications on the Salesforce Platform. He started as a Salesforce admin, transitioned to a developer, and then became the CTO for some of the most popular apps on the AppExchange, Geopointe and LevelEleven. This experience has provided years of insight into the challenges admins face in building Salesforce solutions. Based on this experience, Flow Pack Pro was created to assist admins in building great solutions without requiring a developer.

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Flow Pack Pro has a 14-day free trial in production Salesforce orgs, and it is entirely free to use in sandbox and developer orgs.
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